for Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken

Bankstage is a new concept of banking.

To visualize it, we created a story of three characters and how Bankstage helped them achieve their, smaller and bigger, dreams.

Thanks to Bankstage, Volksbanken Raiffeisen Banken, Union Investment and the production crew!


Actors: Olivia Rogalla, Lea Bennmann, Christopher Jan Busse
Director: Lisa Mausbach
Executive Producer: Henry Prahl, Henning Schmidt
DOP: Henning Schmidt
Editor: Daniel Bärg, Henning Schmidt
Camera Operator: Daniel Bärg
Sound Design: Daniel Bärg
Color Grading: Daniel Bärg
Visual Effects: Jokin Gerlach, Henning Schmidt
Gaffer: Vanessa Mallmann
1. AC Camera: Daniel Bärg
Production Sound: Henry Prahl, Daniel Bärg
Locations: Vanessa Mallmann
Unit Manager: Henry Prahl
Cast: Vanessa Mallmann
Production Assistant: Jokin Gerlach